SEND & Inclusion



To work together to create a truly inclusive school where pupils can grow in faith, confidence, independence and resilience.

To work together with all our pupils on their journey towards a fulfilled adulthood; providing them with support to achieve their academic potential, become engaged, active learners, communicate effectively and develop positive relationships.



At St Thomas of Canterbury School we believe in the importance of delivering high quality teaching in all lessons. We carefully consider and plan our curriculum and approaches so all children can access learning and thrive whatever their needs are.

We recognise that parents/carers are an invaluable source of knowledge about their child and we always strive to truly listen to their views, and those of their child. 

We work closely with a wide range of professionals to address SEND concerns, identify needs, and develop our skills and knowledge. We use our best endeavours to implement advice given. This will be for the most part within the classroom, but sometimes may be delivered in a small group or at times in a one to one setting.

For further information on our Integrated Resource (The Hive) for children with complex physical needs, please see the SEND Integrated Resource section on the website.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school Sencos to discuss any SEND related issues.









SENCO: Kate Heaton

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This school has liaised with the Local Authority to produce a Local Offer entry for this school.This school has liaised with the Local Authority to produce a Local Offer entry for this school. This can be found in the Sheffield Directory.