Pupil Premium and supporting your child

The Pupil Premium is additional funding paid to schools in respect of disadvantaged pupils. This includes pupils who have been registered for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the last six years, or who have been adopted, are looked after by the Local Authority for more than 6 months, or who are under guardianship or residence order. Schools receive this funding to support their eligible pupils and narrow the attainment gap between them and their peers.

At our school, we recognise that each child is unique and has completely different needs. Some of the pupils for whom the Pupil Premium provides support are working below the level of their peers and the school must identify the most appropriate support or intervention. This may be through one-to-one tuition or small group intervention based on their specific learning needs or gaps in understanding. We also understand that there may be other social, emotional or psychological barriers to learning as a result of experiences in their lives. It is essential that we explore these issues and find the most appropriate way to address them. There are other pupils who are attaining at the same level or even at a higher level than their peers and we also recognise the need to provide additional support or fund additional opportunities for such pupils so that they have better life chances. At our school, we feel very strongly that disadvantaged pupils need to perform better than their peers so that they can be successful in the next stage of their education and in their future career.


The funding may be used to access a range of opportunities and experiences such as:

  • Accelerating Learning Opportunities
  • 1:1 or small group intervention
  • Additional support
  • Training and resources to deliver additional interventions for learning


Activities to build self-esteem

  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Extreme challenges (e.g. climbing)
  • Social / emotional therapy or small group emotional literacy sessions


Access to activities which are potentially inaccessible (removing financial barrier)

  • Funding specific activities to ensure access is possible or targeting activities. For example, playing a musical instrument, accessing sports coaching, or attending educational trips.
  • Child care provision – access to Breakfast and after school club at reduced rates.


Pupils premium strategy plan 2020-21

Pupil Premium Strategy Plan 2020-21

Pupil premium strategy plan 2021-22


Pupil premium strategy plan 2022-25




Children’s progress will continue to be closely monitored by the class teacher to ensure they are achieving their potential. If parents are concerned about their child’s progress at any point in the year, please discuss this with the class teacher.

If you would like your child to access out of hours activities, which may require additional funding, including school trips and residentials, then please speak to Mrs Heaton (SENCO) or you child’s class teacher.