Uniform Information

Uniform Can Be Ordered From

Logo Leisurewear, through the online shop https://logoleisurewear.com/product-category/schools/schools-st-thomas-canterbury-primary/ or MyClothing https://myclothing.com/st-thomas-of-canterbury-school/8411.school


  1. White embroidered polo shirt
  2. Red embroidered school sweater (round neck)
  3. Black trousers
  4. In warmer weather, black formal shorts just above the knee may be worn.
  5. Black leather fitted school shoes
  6. Black socks


  1. White embroidered polo shirt
  2. Red embroidered school sweater or cardigan
  3. Red gingham dress
  4. Black trousers, black skirt or black pinafore dress
  5. In warmer weather, black formal shorts just above the knee may be worn.
  6. Black leather fitted school shoes
  7. White socks or black tights

PE Kit

  1. Black shorts
  2. White embroidered round neck t-shirt
  3. Black jogging bottoms
  4. Grey embroidered hoody
  5. Black plimsolls for areas of the PE curriculum such as gymnastics
  6. Trainers for games
  7. (Class teachers will inform parents of the PE topics at the start of the year so that parents can send the correct PE footwear for that half term)
  8. Most of the garments can be ordered through the supplier and the non-embroidered garments like trousers, skirts, shorts and joggers can be found in clothes shops.
  9. The uniform supplier will also sell book bags and PE bags and optional items such as a school coat and all children need to bring a water bottle to school every day.
  10. One stud earring may be worn in each ear as long as this can easily be removed by the child for PE but no other jewellery. Makeup may not be worn.
  11. Children may wear a watch for school if they wish.
  12. Children may not have lettering or other designs in their hair.

Further Information

Schools are encouraged to have a uniform and parents may wish to look at the guidance available on the DfE website at: www.education.gov.uk/b0014144/schooluniform

“The Department strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can instil pride; support positive behaviour and discipline; encourage identity with, and support for, school ethos; ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of pupils.” DfE

Guidance from DfE on non-compliance with school uniform

A headteacher can discipline a pupil for breach of uniform/appearance policy. However, the Department does not consider exclusion to be an appropriate response to breaches of school uniform/appearance policy, except where they are persistent and defiant. Where a pupil repeatedly refuses to comply with school uniform policy even if they do not otherwise display poor behaviour, we believe that exclusion could be an appropriate response, depending on the circumstances of the case.

A headteacher or a person authorised by the headteacher may ask a pupil to go home briefly to remedy a breach of the school’s rules on appearance or uniform. This should be for no longer than is necessary to remedy the breach. This is not an exclusion, but an authorised absence. However, if the pupil continues to breach uniform rules in such a way as to be sent home to avoid school, or takes longer than is strictly necessary to effect the change, the pupil’s absence may be counted as unauthorised absence. A pupil must not be sent home indefinitely or for longer than is strictly necessary to remedy the breach as this could amount to an unofficial exclusion. In all such cases parents must be notified and the absence should be recorded. When making this decision, the child’s age, vulnerability, how easily and quickly the breach can be remedied, and the availability of the parent, will need to be considered. If the pupil then repeatedly infringes the school’s rules on uniform or appearance, this may constitute a disciplinary offence and may be grounds for exclusion.

Where a pupil is not adhering to school uniform policy, a school should be considerate and discreetly try to establish why not. There may be good reasons why a pupil is not attending school in the correct uniform. For example, their uniform may have been lost, stolen or damaged. Sending the pupil home or excluding them may not be appropriate in every case. If a pupil is not wearing the correct uniform because their parents are in financial difficulties, a school should be sensitive to the needs of the pupil. A school should give parents time to purchase the required items and/or consider whether a school or local authority clothing grant can be supplied. A pupil should not be made to feel uncomfortable, nor discriminated against, because their parents are unable to provide them with the required items of school uniform.

How will St Thomas of Canterbury school enforce the school uniform?

If a child is not wearing correct school uniform, the school will take the following steps to resolve this:

  1. Talk to the child to find out why they are not wearing it.
  2. Talk to the parents to explore the issue (it could be related to financial or other difficulties at home).
  3. Consider whether the family may need further support.
  4. Send a formal warning letter to parents.
  5. If all of the above attempts fail, the headmaster would have no choice but to exclude the child until such time as they can attend school in correct uniform. It is unlikely that this stage would ever be reached.

Many parents have also said that they send their children in correct uniform, which is named and then the children do not bring this home. In school, we are reviewing the way we train children to look after their belongings so that they can be as independent as possible. There will be a big push on this in September and I hope that this situation will improve. Please help us by making sure that names are on everything.

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Mrs Louise Clements



Uniform Request

The Friends of St Thomas have been able to put together an amazing Pre-Loved Uniform setup. We are able to take in any old uniform that your child no longer fits in and they can be changed for more pre-loved uniform in a larger size. We do not require uniform to be donated for requests to be made. This is subject to availablity as we have more uniform in some sizes than others. Old uniform can be dropped off in the school office where it then taken home by a parent volunteer and given a thorough inspection and washed ready for it's new family. 

Please allow a few working days for the available uniform to be sent home or to be contacted if some of the sizes are unavailable.