Work Experience and Volunteering in School Policy

Work Experience

We receive a number of requests every year for pupils in Key Stage 4 to spend time in our school to gain experience of working in a school. For this type of work experience, we do not accept ex-pupils as this would not be a true experience of working in a school. We can assist ex-pupils in securing a place in an alternative school. We have communicated this to local secondary schools so that they can manage students’ expectations.

Volunteering in School

All parents are welcome to support the school by accompanying us on educational visits (where appropriate), reading volunteers, changing books or other such activities. This should be discussed with the office.

Many parents, university students or others write to us to ask whether they can spend time in our school for a specific purpose. We consider each of these requests on its own merit and we evaluate the impact that this may have on the classes and the school staff in making our decision. We are not able to accommodate all requests because we can only accommodate a certain amount of volunteers at any one time. There are also other factors to be considered in making the decision, such as the specific needs of our pupils, statutory induction periods for new members of staff and the effective day to day running of the school.

Should you wish to volunteer in school for a specific purpose, please email the Headteacher This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating clearly:

  • The purpose of your time in school
  • The times you are hoping to spend in school (i.e. start dates, duration, any specific days)
  • Any previous experience
  • Any specific classes (Reception, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2)

We will then consider the request and email a response.

Safeguarding Children

Our policy is to carry out a CRB check for adults volunteering in school.

Children under 16 are not eligible for a CRB check.

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September 2012