Homework Expectation

We provide homework to reinforce the learning that takes place in school, to involve parents more in their child’s learning and to enable pupils to follow their own interests. Our approach to homework is to provide a balance of activities which are enjoyable, interesting and manageable with some more open-ended activities where pupils may wish to spend more time and others less to cater everyone.

Reading at Home

We encourage children to read for pleasure. Parents of children who are at the very early stages of reading can be guided by the information provided at the phonics workshops. Research shows that parents who read to their children from a young age improve their child’s future literacy skills. Once a child can read fluently, there are many more ways a parent can be involved in reading, such as sharing a book, discussing the text, the author, the characters or the plot. Children are expected to read or share a book at home every day, from at least 5 minutes in Foundation Stage to 30 minutes in Year 6. Older pupils will be expected to read independently and discuss some key points with parents (e.g. linked to reading targets).

Writing Homework

Each week the children will be set a literacy activity based on the learning in class or on their current target. This may be, for example, to improve a sentence, find some new words, write a paragraph about a topic or to write a longer piece of writing. We want children to enjoy writing and we do not want to put anyone off so this particular homework will be varied each week to ensure that some weeks the tasks are shorted or more exciting and other weeks may require more time. This may also be a speaking and listening activity.

Mathematics Homework

Pupils have access to MyMaths online with a username and password. The class teachers will give these out at the ‘meet the teacher’ meetings. MyMaths is an online maths learning package which provides further animated tuition for mathematical concepts as well as games and activities to reinforce the learning. The teachers assign activities based on the child’s current level in maths and the children can also access further learning in an area they may feel that they would like further practice.

A Maths lending library of levelled resources is available for practical games and investigations. This is run by Mrs Cheetham and is open every Monday from 3pm. Occasionally there will also be some written or other practical maths homework to complete.

Topic Homework

Each term, there is a more open-ended activity related to the topic and often this allows pupils to follow their own interests. Some pupils may wish to spend a long time on this and others may spend less time. This is very open ended to suit all pupils and families.

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