Year 5 & 6 Football Success

We are proud to say our Girls & Boys Year5/6 team won last week at the Mylnhurst Under 11 Cup. An outstanding performance by the year 5 and year 6, one that truly deserved the reward. Behaviour was excellent from start to finish with a small minor excitement problem once we got back to the school which is understandable. They stood out the ST Thomas way and made the school and themselves proud.  Great communication was shown by the whole team.  With a smart, energetic and solid performance the boys went through the tournament without conceding a single goal. I was very impressed by the discipline they showed on the football pitch, even the players that weren’t playing played their role by encouraging those who were on the pitch. The girl’s performance was exceptional especially so, as some of them this was their first competitive game. This was visible in the first game but after a few adjustments their performances stood out as every single one of them gave it their all and finished the tournament as a formidable force which only conceded one goal.