SEND Volleyball Festival

On Thursday 15th of March, 6 of the schools pupils from the IR went to Norfolk Park Community School to participate in a seated volleyball festival. The festival involved different schools, bringing along pupils with a range of disabilities to get involved in the sport. Each school played friendly matches against one another on a rotation system. It was really good to see our pupils - Eden, Jack, Dom, Liam, Isaac and Archie, represent St Thomas in a very positive manner. They were very well behaved and respectful of the other people in the festival. 

They adapted themselves brilliantly to the sport and showed off some excellent volleyball skills. The key for seated volleyball was to work as a team to hit the ball over the net, which the 6 St Thomas pupils did magnificently. Each of them, showed they were very good at understanding the different types of techniques they needed to get the ball over the net such as the dig, set and the all time favourite, the smash. 

Each child said that they had really enjoyed the morning and would enjoy doing something similar in the future.  

A massive well done to all involved!

Liam Hague (Qualitas)