Well Done to our Rugby Team

Congratulations to our Year 6 rugby players who took part in a full contact rugby tournament last week at Mylnhurst. A muddy but enjoyable afternoon. 

The day at Mylnhurst was a very exciting and rewarding day will all members of the team playing really well. We went into the tournament with only four sessions of playing rugby so we knew it would be hard, but we were up for the challenge. From the the start of the first game till the last, St Thomas were brilliant. The tackling and passing were great with some great tries from Alex and Liam which led to some very close games. The tackling from Max, Roman and especially Aisling were great. Aisling ended up winning player of the tournament which was well deserved . All other participants were great as well with some great runs from Harriet, Noah and Will. Yorda showed great bravery throughout each game she played which really stood out to me which I am grateful for as she was nervous to play. 

Just to say a final well done to the players, the commitment and heart you showed was second to none and I couldn’t of asked for more. Rugby can be a tough sport to play and all of you approached the game in the right way and listened which was good. Well done St Thomas you should be very proud of what you achieved and keep playing in the future.

Simon Herridge (Qualitas) 


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